With Motix™, just point your finger to control your PC or Mac®.  Hands stay on the keyboard.  Eyes stay on the screen.  No Mouse.  No trackpad. It's the world's simplest and most efficient computer control.




About Motix™



For over 40 years, the mouse has controlled computers and cursor movement. Even with extensive IT-industry progress, the mouse remains basically the same as early models. Until now...

Motix™ is a small device that attaches to any PC or Macintosh® computer. Just point at the screen to move the cursor. No more back-and-forth between a mouse or touchpad and your keyboard. No moving hands to operate a computer. 

Motix's sensors precisely read finger movements in real time. Soon, Motix™ even will work with tablets, recognizing ordinary movements like scrolling and zooming, in addition to all functions available for PC's and Macs.

Hands remain on the keys. Eyes stay on the screen. You keep your focus. You're more productive.


Motix™ in Action

Motix™ in Action

Conquer It



Point both index fingers at the screen and you get extreme screen control.  Motix's exact, defined cursor movement ensures you rotate, crawl, downshift, or fire 360° in real time.  Another plus?  Easily chat and send messages on the fly, since hands never leave the keyboard.

Work It



Your time, energy, and budget often are finite.  With tiny finger movements and Motix's precise cursor control, you can save time rearranging spreadsheet data, flagging junk emails, sending meeting invites and moving large text books. Less time and effort equals more productivity and efficiency.

Design It



Rotate, scroll and draw without taking eyes off the screen or hands off the keyboard.  Get pinpoint control with Motix for 1-, 2-, or 3D work.  A simple flick while scrolling lets CAD designers perfect a Bezier curve, architects craft flawless colonnades, graphic designers embellish fonts and engineers produce precise schematics.

FAQs of Motix™


Can I still use my mouse or existing touchpad ?

Absolutely.  Motix™ is an add-on to your existing system.

Do I need special software on my computer?

Motix™ is plug and play and works right out of the box.  To get the latest firmware installed, or if you have favorite preferences, you will install the Motix™ Manager and customize and configure Motix™ to your liking.

Does Motix™ work with Windows 8?

Yes.  There are many features that enhance the Windows 8 experience.

Does Motix™ work with Mac®?

Yes.  It is compatible with Windows and Mac®

Does Motix™ work with left-handed people?

Yes.  It reads both right and left hands for cursor control.  Many functions use both hands for controls.

Will Motix™ slow down my computer?

It shouldn't.  Motix™ uses roughly the same amount of resources as a standard mouse.

Can kids use the device?

You bet.  It's easy to customize the finger position for extra small hands.

Can I customize Motix™ to fit my special computer needs?

Yes.  If you have favorite preferences, or want to maximize the power of Motix, just use the Motix control panel to customize and configure Motix to your liking.

Is Motix permanently attached to my keyboard?

Not really.  The position pad is stuck down to your keyboard but can be removed.  The Motix attaches to the back of your keyboard with a simple velcro strip.  

Who do I contact if I have an installation question or Motix isn't working right?

You can contact us using the form on this page, call customer service at 844-99-MOTIX (844-996-6849) and email us at contact@gomotix.com.

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